Dan Graham - Tunnel of Love, 2014
Glasswalls are arranged in tandem with each other to form a curved pathway through which the spectator can walk. On either end, the entrances are half blocked, one on the left side and the other on the right, subtly conducting the spectator’s movement as they pass through.
The title of the work is a nod to Graham’s more poetic side, with the idea of how love is represented in the work left open-ended. One way of perhaps understanding it is on an empathetic, interpersonal level. Graham’s works are transcendent, moving beyond the physical form into the realm of the metaphysical. Tunnel of Love does not simply become a structure through which our environment is altered, but rather a structure through which our own interpersonal interactions are underlined and explored.

Filippo Minelli
"Silence/Shapes 2009"

the memories - you found a drug that’s better than me
breakup painting #1

Marco Basta Blue Thursday    + 22 June    × 21 July, 2012 Opening:    21 June, 6.30 pm

i wish i was eris from the grim adventures of billy and mandy 

Ezra Miller for Paper Magazine by Autumn De Wilde



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